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  Music / Sound


The fantastic PennSound website has a "Selected Works 1994-2012" on my author page. There are recordings of some poems by me at the top, but further down, the music. It's here.


Click [fiction. text performance and digital sound]


Martin’s Idea [fiction. text with live piano and interactive computer system.]


The Lovely Carlotta Queen of Mexico [text performance and chamber ensemble with Arraymusic]


from “The Obvious Flap” [with Gregory Betts, digital sound poetry]


Indonesian Football [audio work using diverse materials, including Indonesian chant,

Russian choral singing, the sounds of a children's football game in rural Canada.]


Skalla Grimr [digital sound based on an Icelandic saga]


That’s Not the Truth [sound poetry performance, spoken text, guitar and live digital processing, with bumpHEAD]


Joe Hill [bumpHEAD: Gary Barwin, flute; Slim Volumes, voice; Ryan Barwin, guitar]


Dance inside the Huthmouth [audio work based on a recording by Geof Huth.

What might a human sound like when preparing for the morning? Gargling, tooth brushing, singing.

The mouth is its own morning. Daily routine is its own orchestra. Now add a dance track.

All the cool kids are doing it. Dancing in clubs to the sound of human ablution, to the sounds of oral hygiene.]


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